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Tutorial: Maelstrom tutorial. English and Spanish.

Hi all!

Finally I have the maelstrom tutorial made with Realflow. Sorry for the long wait ;). In this tutorial we are going to see how to make the setup for creating the maelstrom scene based on Hybrido particles and secondary particles such as bubbles and foam in RealFlow.

Maelstrom Tutorial. English

Maelstrom tutorial. Spanish. 

luisM. ūüėČ


Learning RealFlow English/Spanish : Dyverso Fill emitter. Working with textures

There is an interesting utility to work with Dyverso Fill emitter and textures applied to any geometry when the emitter is used as “Particle Layer”. So, in this tutorial we are going to see how to work with Fill emitter based on textures applied to the geometry.

Hay una utilidad interesante cuando trabajamos con un Fill emitter de Dyverso usado con la opcion “Particle Layer” y hay texturas aplicadas a los objetos de la escena. En este tutorial vamos a ver como trabajar con el Fill emiter y texturas aplicadas en geometrias.

Learning RealFlow English: Dyverso Fill Emitter working with textures.

Learning RealFlow Spanish: Dyverso Fill Emitter funcionando con texturas.



RealFlow Scene: Boat through storm. Download the scene.

Download this RealFlow scene where a ship is crossing the sea in the middle of a storm. You have two possibilities,¬†either downloading¬†the scene with initial state and ready for simulating or downloading the scene without initial state for checking out the parameters.¬†Your choice ūüėČ

Scene without initial state

Download from here

Scene with initial state

Dowload from here


Tips and Tricks: Importing RealFlow meshes in Unreal! English/Spanish

Hi everyone!

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to mesh and import a mesh sequence of RealFlow in Unreal. Apart from Unreal utility which is installed with Unreal, you can download the scripts utilities ,where the OBJ rename script was made by my colleague Alex, ¬†I’ve used from this link. I hope you like.

En este tutorial me gustar√≠a ense√Īaros como importar una secuencia de mallas de RealFlow dentro de Unreal. A excepci√≥n de la utilidad que viene instalada con Unreal, podr√©is bajaros los otros scripts necesarios desde este link. El script para renombrar OBJs fue hecho por mi compa√Īero Alex. Espero que os guste.

Importing RealFlow meshes in Unreal! English

Importando mallas de RealFlow en Unreal! Spanish


Learning RealFlow English/Spanish: Hybrido tutorials.

Hi everyone!

I’m going to start with Hybrido tutorials for learning RealFlow as well. I’ll keep posting tutorials about Dyverso, RelationShip Editor, VDB Meshers, Interface, etc, but this time is the turn for¬†Hybrido. So, we’re going to see how to make a waterfall and how to create an initial state for start to emit from it. I hope you enjoy the tutorials.

Voy a empezar a postear tutoriales de Hybrido tambien para aprender como funciona dentro de RealFlow. Seguire posteando videos sobre diferentes materias como Dyverso, RelationShip Editor, VDB Meshers, Interface, etc, pero esta vez le toca a Hybrido. Para estos tutoriales de Hybrido, vamos a ver como hacer el setup de una cascada muy simple y como generar un estado inicial para emitir desde ahi. Espero que os gusten.


Learning RealFlow. English: Hybrido. Making a Waterfall

Learning RealFlow. English:Hybrido. Making an Initial State


Learning RealFlow. Spanish: Hybrido. Creando una cascada

Learning RealFlow. Spanish: Hybrido. Crear un Estado Inicial

Enjoy RealFlow!


Learning RealFlow English and Spanish: Dyverso. Working with Wetmaps.

Hi all!,

In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to generate wetmaps with Dyverso fluids and export out the images to work with them in other software.

En este tutorial voy a explicar como generar texturas de wetmap con fluidos de Dyverso y como exportar esas texturas para poder usarlas en otros programas.

Learning RealFlow English : Dyverso. Working with Wetmaps.

Learning RealFlow Spanish : Dyverso. Trabajando con Wetmaps.

luisM. ūüėČ

News: New patch RealFlow 2015(9_1_1_0186) has been released!!!

Hi all!

A new patch for RealFlow 2015 has been released. It comes with Dyverso domains interaction, wetmaps for Dyverso, support for working with textures for geometry interacting with Dyverso, support for CUDA where the simulations are faster now if you have a CUDA graphic card and a lot of things more. Check out some video examples below.

RealFlow Dyverso: Dyverso domain interaction. Spider

RealFlow Hybrido: Octopus Hybrido simulation

Enjoy RealFlow!


Learning RealFlow English and Spanish : Dyverso. Working with the Object emitter.

Hi all!

The object emitter is a very¬†useful emitter to work with Dyverso, so this time, I would like to share a¬†new tutorial explaining how to create “fluid” from a reactor engine.

English tutorial

Learning RealFlow English :  Dyverso. Working with the object emitter.

Spanish tutorial

Learning RealFlow Spanish : Dyverso. Trabajando con el object emitter.

More to come. Enjoy RealFlow!.


Learning RealFlow English and Spanish : The Relationship Editor.

Hi everyone!

Most of us we know what the RelationShip Editor is, but I would like to explain in these tutorials how to take advantage of it for working with nodes. More to come!

Muchos de nosotros ya sabemos que es el RelationShip Editor, pero en estos tutoriales me gustaria explicar como sacarle el maximo provecho a la hora de trabajar con nodos. Iré publicando más tutoriales sobre el RSE.

English Tutorials

Learning RealFlow. English :  RSE Adding Nodes.

Learning RealFlow. English : RSE Directional Links.

Learning RealFlow. English : RSE Bidirectional Links.

Learning RealFlow. English : RSE AutoLayout.


Spanish Tutorials

Learning RealFlow. Spanish : ¬†RSE A√Īadiendo¬†Nodos.

Learning RealFlow. Spanish :  RSE Links de una direccion.

Learning RealFlow. Spanish :  RSE Links bidireccionales.

Learning RealFlow. Spanish :  RSE AutoLayout.

More to come!. Enjoy RealFlow.