Tutorial: How to remap particles?

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Hi all!,

Graphs are a very powerful tool inside RealFlow. In this tutorial I would like to teach you how to remap particles based on any magnitude for them. In this case, we’re going to remap the vorticity, but it can be applied for any magnitude as age, velocity, etc. Take a look at the video.

Enjoy RealFlow!


RealFlow 2015 + FMX!

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Hi all,

My colleague Gus and me went at FMX at the beginning of this month and  showed the new features of new RealFlow 2015!. Spreadsheets!, Splines!, VDB mesher!, DYVERSO! (PBD, new SPH solvers), RFCore for Cinema!, etc, are some of the new features availables for this new version of RealFlow 2015. I don’t have the video yet but I hope it is soon. Meanwhile, you can have a look some pics

imagen2 imagen4 imagen7 imagen8 imagen9 imagen10 imagen1 imagen5 imagen6

Enjoy RealFlow!


RFCore for C4D + RealFlow 2015 news at NAB

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Hey guys,

NextLimit went Las Vegas to say something at NAB ;). Take a look at the Digital Tutors interview to my colleague Gus!.




Sneak peak: RealFlow 2015!. I would like to share you…

•March 27, 2015 • 6 Comments


I’m playing with the new alpha of RealFlow 2015 and just wanted to share this screenshot with you. Take a look at the UI improvements (new params, RelationShip Editor), VDB Mesher included, splines, etc, and a couple of very important things more… but sorry I can’t tell you these ones yet. ;)

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.24.30

Enjoy RealFlow!


sneak peak: RealFlow 2015 is coming!. VDB Mesher.

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We are testing the VDB Mesher for RealFlow and I would like to share with you some test I made. The VDB mesher is very very very faster and pretty cool ;) Some examples using several VDB filters below and even mixing them to get what we need.








rendered by Maxwell with two clicks. ;)

Enjoy RealFlow!


Tips and tricks: How to mesh SPH with Hybrido Mesher

•March 26, 2015 • 2 Comments

Hi all!,

Sometimes we would like to mesh the SPH particles with the Hybrido Mesh instead using Particle mesher but it is not possible by default. So, the way to do it is very easy.

Once you have done your SPH scene, you’ll need to create an empty HY_Domain.

Create a HY_Mesh (Hybrido mesher). The Hybrido Domain must be attached to the Hybrido Mesher.

Click on HY_Mesh with right button and insert emitters.

Select the SPH emitters you want to add to mesh them with the Hybrido mesher.

Adjust the parameters for meshing as you need.

If you simulate now, the mesh will be created based on sph emitter/s.



Enjoy RealFlow!.

luisM. ;)

RealFlow 2015: Sneak peek video. Robust method!

•February 16, 2015 • 5 Comments

Hi all!

It is the turn of Robust method. Robust method will be a new mode to extract the distance fields in RealFlow 2015 for geometries that they are not considered as well-defined, watertight and manifold, avoiding in this way possible explosions in our simulations. The Robust method will built the distance field in a very good way for complex geometries. Take a look at this video below. This time the video has sound besides subtitles. :)

Enjoy RealFlow!.



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