Tutorial: How to mesh with distance fields?

•September 17, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Hi everyone!

Long summer and new tutorials coming. This time I would like to show you how to mesh the distance field using particles, meshes or vdb format with graphs.

How to mesh by using distance fields from particles?


How to mesh by using distance fields from mesh files


How to mesh by using distance fields from vdb files? Part 1


How to mesh by using distance fields from vdb files? Part 2


Enjoy RealFlow 2014!


News: The new patch for RealFlow 2014 is out!

•August 6, 2014 • 15 Comments

Hi all!,

A new patch for the RealFlow 2014 is out. This new patch has a lot of improvements as x4 speeding up to read cache,  new tools to snap the foam to the domain fluid and meshes, a new license wizard when running RealFlow, possibility to load the cache from one node with the option “Reload data”, and of course, a lot of bugs fixed.


Also, the new version of renderkit plugins are free. Now you can use them in your 3d platform without licensing.


Enjoy RealFlow 2014!




Tutorial: How to apply displacement maps by using graphs.

•July 24, 2014 • 11 Comments

The Graphs are very powerful tool in RealFlow 2014. They can help us to control each element inside RealFlow and this time let’s see how to apply a displacement map over the mesh we have created.


Applying displacement maps by using graphs 1

Applying displacement maps by using graphs 2

Applying displacement maps by using graphs 3

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!


Tutorials: RealFlow 2014. How to work with mesh extensions.

•July 3, 2014 • 2 Comments


Another great feature for RealFlow 2014 are the extensions when creating meshes. Imagine you can create huge extensions of meshes without extending the fluid simulation. For areas where there is not interaction between objects and fluid, the simulation would waste too much time to simulate those parts too. So, it was necessary to concentrate the simulation in the area where the objects are going to collide with the fluid. Mesh extensions will save you long time to simulate that kind of scenes.

Mesh extensions. Video1

Mesh extensions. Video2

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!


Tutorial: RealFlow 2014. How to work with the new Ocean Force Field daemon

•June 25, 2014 • 15 Comments

Hi all!

The Ocean Force Field daemon is one of most interesting tools included in RealFlow 2014. It will allow us to apply a force to modify the fluid’s dynamic. And it is not only for Hybrido fluid but for objects too, giving us the possibility to create very interesting effects. Please, take a look at the videos and I hope you enjoy them.


video  Ocean_Force_Field_part1

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part2

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part3

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part4

Tutorial: RealFlow 2014. Working with the new mask channel for RPC. How to separate foam from bubbles?

•June 20, 2014 • 5 Comments

Hi all!

A new RealFlow 2014 tutorial comes to explain how to separate foam particles from other particles for composed emitters like Hybrido Bubbles. For RealFlow 2014, a new channel has been introduced for rpc files, called “mask”, which will allow us to separate the foam particles for composed emitters as Hybrido_Bubbles, Hybrido_Splash&Foam and Hybrido_Wet&Foam, so they can be treated in a different way that  others particles as bubbles, splash or wet particles.




More to come…

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!


Tutorials: RealFlow 2014. Working with the isosurface parameter!

•June 17, 2014 • 4 Comments

Hi all!

I’m going to post a serie of videos about different features inside RealFlow 2014, and they will be posted daily to know more about RealFlow 2014 and how to work with it. Videos will be about new parameters like Ocean Force Field Daemon, Isosurface, Extensions, Bubbles, Graphs, etc.

Today, is the turn for isosurface. Knowing as the isosurface parameter will help us in the simulation is very important to get fluid simulations without any problem. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

More to come.

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!.



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