Simulation: Sun and galaxies

The other day I was watching “Cosmos”. You know what it is ;). This time about sun’s magnetic fields and galaxies. So I started to search info about magnetic fields first and how they work to create the Sun rays and I wanted to try to do something similar with simulation and python. So, this is a Sun simulation based on sun’s magnetic fields with different parameters to get different kind of sun ray simulations.

Also, another big field I wanted to take a look was the creation of galaxies and how they could be created by using simulation. I built a system to make theses galaxies from a fluid simulation with python.


Also I tried to visualize this simulations in Unreal.

I’ll try to do the same to watch it with Hololens. I’ll post the result soon.

Thanks to my colleague Alex for helping me ;).



Tips and Tricks: Importing RealFlow meshes in Unreal! English/Spanish

Hi everyone!

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to mesh and import a mesh sequence of RealFlow in Unreal. Apart from Unreal utility which is installed with Unreal, you can download the scripts utilities ,where the OBJ rename script was made by my colleague Alex,  I’ve used from this link. I hope you like.

En este tutorial me gustaría enseñaros como importar una secuencia de mallas de RealFlow dentro de Unreal. A excepción de la utilidad que viene instalada con Unreal, podréis bajaros los otros scripts necesarios desde este link. El script para renombrar OBJs fue hecho por mi compañero Alex. Espero que os guste.

Importing RealFlow meshes in Unreal! English

Importando mallas de RealFlow en Unreal! Spanish


Graphs: Adding displacement to the mesh by using graphs

Hello everyone!

Holidays have finished and here we are again to post new graph tool. Sometimes we want to apply our displacement map to the mesh so the render can be faster only rendering the mesh and not applying the displacement map in the render process. In that case, we can mesh the particles by using the apply displacement option inside RealFlow, but sometimes we forget to do it and simulate again the mesh and applying the displacement could be a long process. By using graphs, we can apply  the displacement maps we want in the folder we want, to the mesh we want as well. In order to do that,

– just open a new RealFlow scene

– Open the Simulation Flow and load the graph

– Change the paths in the graph and the settings you need, like tiles.

– Simulate.

This process is very faster, and you don’t need to create a mesh node if you don’t want. The mesh node is only to display the mesh in the viewport.


The graph can be downloaded from here or it can be also downloaded from RealFlow resources 

Enjoy RealFlow.


Script: Set a project folder for RealFlow with a script!

Hi all!

Sometimes is necessary to write out the info in a specific folder we want and we have to do it manually  from the Export Central. It is not necessary anymore. SetProject script will replace the project folder indicating where we want to write out the information when simulating. Take a look this video

Download the script from RealFlow resources

NOTE: Maxwell folder is now working too.


Tips and Tricks: How to get BIN files from Mist simulations

Unfortunately, mist simulations can’t be saved as BIN files so we can render them with FumeFX or Krakatoa. There is a workaround to get the BIN files by using scripting but we need to do the splash simulation twice. First one Splash + Mist and another one only the Splash . Take a look at the video.

Download the script from here