RealFlow Scene: Boat through storm. Download the scene.

Download this RealFlow scene where a ship is crossing the sea in the middle of a storm. You have two possibilities, either downloading the scene with initial state and ready for simulating or downloading the scene without initial state for checking out the parameters. Your choice 😉

Scene without initial state

Scene with initial state


Learning Tutorials: RealFlow tutorials series – Dyverso.

Hi all!

Now is the turn for some videos of Dyverso. As I said in the previous post there are a lot of videos coming ;). Let’s try to learn how to make amazing simulations but knowing what parameter we need to play.

RealFlow tutorials series – Dyverso

Learning RealFlow 2015: Dyverso Starting with Dyverso

Learning RealFlow 2015: Dyverso modifying the resolution

Learning RealFlow 2015: Dyverso – Speed for emitters 

Learning RealFlow 2015: Dyverso – Sticky

Learning RealFlow 2015: Dyverso – Parameters – Part1

Enjoy RealFlow!


Graph Tutorial: Creating WetMaps with Graphs in RealFlow

Hi all!

A new tutorial explaining a new graph made by colleague Alex.  The WetMap graph. The scene is included to download from the RealFlow resources. This example scene generates a wetmap for every object belonging to the walker using Hybrido particles. Take a look at this tutorial to know how to make wetmaps by using graphs in RealFlow.


Another example made with the WetMap graph.

The graph can be download from RealFlow resources

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Scene: RealFlow + Graphs scene to download.


I want to show you a video made with graphs in RealFlow 2013 to generate the sea turbulences. The scene is attached without geometry. The graph is based on the surface_force_field demo scene but it is adjusted for a domain of 214×90. The global scale for the cell size parameter is set to 2. Keep in mind to increase or decrease these value to get more or less particles.


Download the scene and the graph from here

Enjoy RealFlow2013!


Tutorial: from simulation to the render

hi all!

I want to start several tutorials explaining the method to work from your 3D application, make the simulation in RealFlow, take all necessaries passes from the simulation and rendering them with Maxwell to composite with NUKE. We’are going to start with the easier video “The propeller simulation”

Here you are the first part “How to work with Alembic in RealFlow”

Download the propeller SD geometry from here

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Tutorials: New realFlow 2013 video tutorials!

Hi everyone!

My colleague Thomas made severals beginners videos showing the RealFlow features.

01 – RealFlow 2013 : A Brief Overview

02 – RealFlow 2013 : Relationship Editor

03 – RealFlow 2013 : Maxwell and Movie Player

04 – RealFlow 2013 : Export Central

05 – RealFlow 2013 : Simulation Options

06 – RealFlow 2013 : Animation Made Easy

07 – RealFlow 2013 : HyFlip, A Basic Hybrido2 Workflow

Enjoy RealFlow2013!


Tips and tricks: Importing objects from a XML file

Hi everyone,

When creating  and opening a scene, we find issues to import the objects if they are not in the “objects” folder. A box dialog will open and ask us where are the objects.  It is tedious if we have a lot of objects to import. So, in order to import them in just one time, we can use the XML files and the $(XMLPATH) command in this way.

Where “C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/” will be replaced with

Putting the $(XMLPATH) and checking the “Apply to all files…” will import the all external sd files where the XML file is placed and subfolders. It means if you have saved the xml file in “c:\temp\scene.xml” if you import the xml from this path, putting $(XMLPATH) command will check all objects in “C:\temp” and subfolders.