Tutorial: Hybrido as Realwave!

Hi everyone,

Long time we think that the possibility to mix Hybrido with RealWave in Realflow would be great. And now this tutorial is going to explain how to do it. It means, how to project the Hybrido simulation in a Realwave, but with the possibility to generate foam and splash particles for Hybrido simulation too.  Thanks to my colleague Alex for helping with the graphs setup. Please, don’t forget download the basic scene and graphs.

Hybrido as RealWave part1

Hybrido as RealWave part2

Hybrido as RealWave part3

Hybrido as RealWave part4

Download the basic scene from here

Download the graphs for the scene from here

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Tips and Tricks: Importing animated meshes to use them as RealWave.

Hi all!

When we have the facility to create a sea mesh in our 3d platform, which has the aspect we want because we applied modifiers to create turbulence, for instance, or any kind of effect for it, we found we can’t load the meshes in RealFlow to use them as a RealWave because the realwave only admit one object as Custom object. Well, I made an example to know how to load any animated meshes and use it as realwave.

– In order to do that we need to create the animated mesh in the 3d platform we want.

– We’ll export the animated mesh to obj sequence. There are several script to export sequences. For 3dsmax you can find some of them in Remember you’ll need to export the obj as triangulated so RealFlow can read them without problems.

– Once the animated mesh has been exported, open realflow and import the obj sequence. If you have a lot of obj files, there will a lot of objects in RealFlow as well. You can download the obj sequence importer from here . Just paste the path where the obj sequence.

– Apply this script in Simulation Events for FramesPre. There is a bug in Realwave which if you reset the scene and the custom obj parameter doesn’t have any object, RealFlow will freeze. In order to avoid that, put in the maste scrtip in the Simulations Events

def onSimulationBegin():
node = scene.getRealwave()
node.setParameter("Custom obj", "rw_00001")

I add the scene and the script in the same zip to take a look. Remember if you put another name for your mesh, you must change it in the Simulation Events. It is advisable to leave the padding or change it as well.

Download the scene from here