RealFlow 10

Simulation: Sun and galaxies

The other day I was watching “Cosmos”. You know what it is ;). This time about sun’s magnetic fields and galaxies. So I started to search info about magnetic fields first and how they work to create the Sun rays and I wanted to try to do something similar with simulation and python. So, this is a Sun simulation based on sun’s magnetic fields with different parameters to get different kind of sun ray simulations.

Also, another big field I wanted to take a look was the creation of galaxies and how they could be created by using simulation. I built a system to make theses galaxies from a fluid simulation with python.


Also I tried to visualize this simulations in Unreal.

I’ll try to do the same to watch it with Hololens. I’ll post the result soon.

Thanks to my colleague Alex for helping me ;).



How to import a lava fluid simulation from RealFlow to Unreal


This video explains the process to import a fluid simulation, made in RealFlow, in Unreal, where a lava shader is applied to it.


En este video se explica el proceso para importar una malla hecha en RealFlow dentro de Unreal, donde se le ha aplicado un shader de lava.