Python SDK

Script: Set a project folder for RealFlow with a script!

Hi all!

Sometimes is necessary to write out the info in a specific folder we want and we have to do it manually  from the Export Central. It is not necessary anymore. SetProject script will replace the project folder indicating where we want to write out the information when simulating. Take a look this video

Download the script from RealFlow resources

NOTE: Maxwell folder is now working too.



Scripts Utilities

Hi all!,

Scripting by Python is a good way to increase the RealFlow posibilites. In this case, I made several scripts to help with the RealFlow’s workflow¬†and they are:

– Import multiples Multibody at the same time.
– Import multiples XML at the same time.
– Rename object’s names.
– Align multiples objects.
– Save selection names.
– Isolated utility.

All scripts can be downloaded from Realflow Scripts.