RealFlow beta connectivity plugins for Autodesk 2015 products

Hi all!,

We are testing beta plugins for RealFlow and Autodesk Maya, XSI and 3Dsmax 2015. So, I would like to share these beta plugins so you can test them too.  Since the plugins will be more accesible for all, here you can start testing the Autodesk 2015 ones.  Download the beta plugins from:

3DSMax 2015


Maya 2015 LinuxMaya 2015 MacMaya 2015 Win


Also, there is plugin for XSI 2015 win but just for windows at this moment.

Enjoy RealFlow!



Scene: Volcano scene working with Hot and Cold plugin.

Hi everyone,

Did you remember the volcano scene working with the Hot and Cold plugin. The videotutorial was here in the RealFlow Resources web. Now, I put the scene so you can take a look. If you wanna change the aspect for the lave particles, make sure you are modifying the “Surface tension” and the “Temperature” parameters for the Hot object.

Download the scene from here