News: New patch RealFlow 2015(9_1_1_0186) has been released!!!

Hi all!

A new patch for RealFlow 2015 has been released. It comes with Dyverso domains interaction, wetmaps for Dyverso, support for working with textures for geometry interacting with Dyverso, support for CUDA where the simulations are faster now if you have a CUDA graphic card and a lot of things more. Check out some video examples below.

RealFlow Dyverso: Dyverso domain interaction. Spider

RealFlow Hybrido: Octopus Hybrido simulation

Enjoy RealFlow!



RealFlow. VDB Mesher Examples.


We are testing the VDB Mesher for RealFlow and I would like to share with you some test I made. The VDB mesher is very very very faster and pretty cool 😉 Some examples using several VDB filters below and even mixing them to get what we need.








rendered by Maxwell with two clicks. 😉

Enjoy RealFlow!


RealFlow2014 is coming!: New Ocean Force Field Daemon


I’m pretty sure this will be my favorite tool for RealFlow, haha ;). The Ocean Force Field daemon will allow us to apply forces to the particles so we can make a turbulent fluid if we wish. I mean, we can create turbulent seas, rivers running free, etc, without having a static fluid when the simulation is going to start. No more statics fluids ;). How does it work?. Simple. Just configure the Ocean Force Field similar to RealWave to generate the waves. We’ll be able to mix several Ocean Force Field daemons to get the fluid aspect we need, like this simple test below, and…it is working as well for objects and of course, it can be used with textures so we’ll be able to use any animated texture to create any water effect, also export textures from RealWave and use them for this daemon. Have you thought of explosions, swirls, twisters on fluid, rolling waves,  for instance?





Enjoy RealFlow!



News: NVidia Drivers to work without problems in RealFlow

Hi everyone,

We are experiencing some issues of people working with the latest drivers of NVIDIA for Quadro graphic cards as quadro 2000 and 4000. Basically the last drivers 320 is not working as it should inside RealFlow. For that reason, my colleague Gustavo send a message showing the correct driver to work with RealFlow. I post the message he sent to the users in the forum expecting it can help you as well.


We are checking with some nVidia cards and drivers to see if we can get to the bottom of this issue to try and make it ‘driver independent’ so to speak if that is even possible.
So far, what we have found, is that at least the latest driver available on the Quadro cards 320.0 doesn´t like RealFlow very much. However, the previews one don´t have any issue performing as expected. 311.15 is a good one, and this is the recommended one for the latest AD suite

Simple test run over 100 frames a scene using a circle emitter inside a cube with gravity…

using driver 320.00, simulation time 4min40seconds!  🙂
using driver 315.15, simulation time 10 seconds!  😀

We are trying to contact nVidia to update also the recommendations on their side so we have at least some recommended ones there when you go to update them.


I hope it helps.


Tutorials RF: video tutorials!!!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patient because last month has been a bit crazy  :). So, I made some videos to know how to use Hybrido from basic to advanced. They have sound but if you don’t like my voice 🙂 turn off the audio and read the subtitles as always. I hope you enjoy RealFlow 2013 and the videos, of course!!!

Working with the RelationShipEditor in RF2013

Hybrido Basic

Hybrido working with stream emitters

Hybrido Secondaries

Hybrido advanced

Next tutorials for coming!

RealFlow 2013 working with Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido and Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido Mesh.

luisM. 😉