News: RealFlow for Cinema 4d is out!

Hi everyone,

RealFlow for Cinema 4d is a plugin to create fluid scenes directly inside Cinema. Dyverso has been developed to work with Cinema to create amazing effects taking advantage of Cinema’s workflow. We can create fluids, add forces, modify the scene when simulating, etc. With a very easy workflow you will be able to create great scenes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.47.54


Check tutorials clicking on this image below

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.51.44


News: New patch RealFlow 2015(9_1_1_0186) has been released!!!

Hi all!

A new patch for RealFlow 2015 has been released. It comes with Dyverso domains interaction, wetmaps for Dyverso, support for working with textures for geometry interacting with Dyverso, support for CUDA where the simulations are faster now if you have a CUDA graphic card and a lot of things more. Check out some video examples below.



RealFlow Dyverso: Dyverso domain interaction. Spider

RealFlow Hybrido: Octopus Hybrido simulation

Enjoy RealFlow!


RealFlow 2015 + FMX!

Hi all,

My colleague Gus and me went at FMX at the beginning of this month and  showed the new features of new RealFlow 2015!. Spreadsheets!, Splines!, VDB mesher!, DYVERSO! (PBD, new SPH solvers), RFCore for Cinema!, etc, are some of the new features availables for this new version of RealFlow 2015. I don’t have the video yet but I hope it is soon. Meanwhile, you can have a look some pics

imagen2 imagen4 imagen7 imagen8 imagen9 imagen10 imagen1 imagen5 imagen6

Enjoy RealFlow!