Tips : Fixing the getParticles issue for the last tutorial about how to create secondaries from Dyverso

Hi all!

If you have tried to make the tutorial about how to get secondaries from Dyverso, there is a bug in the version you have. It is related to the getParticles node because it doesn’t accept the Dyverso domains. It is fixed for next patch but unfortunately the patch has not been released yet. The way to fix it is loading the particles from disk. I post a xml replacing the getParticles node so you can load the Dyverso particles from disk. Just go to Simulation Flow, and open the xml file in a new graph.


Download graph from here



Tips and Tricks: Creating secondaries from Dyverso sims. English and Spanish

Hi everyone!

Someone asked me for creating secondaries particles as splashes, bubbles, etc, from Dyverso simulations. It is not possible to do it directly as Dyverso doesn’t allow secondaries yet, but we can follow this tutorial to create the secondaries.

Alguien me pregunto como se podia crear particulas secundarias como bubbles, splashes, etc desde simulaciones de Dyverso. No es posible hacerlo directamente pero puedes seguir este tutorial para crear esos secundarios.

RealFlow Tips: Creating secondaries from Dyverso sims. English

RealFlow Tips: Creando secundarios desde simulaciones de Dyverso. Spanish.

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Tips and Tricks: Importing a RPC particle sequence in RealFlow. English and Spanish.

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately the BIN loader emitter can’t import RPC sequences yet. So, let’s see how to import a sequence of RPC in RealFlow without using a BIN Loader.

El emisor BIN Loader no nos permite cargar secuencias de RPC dentro de RealFlow todavia. Vamos a ver como podemos cargar esa secuencia de ficheros RPC en RealFlow sin usar un BIN Loader.

RealFlow Tips :Importing a RPC particle sequence in RealFlow. English.

RealFlow Tips :Importando una secuencia RPC en RealFlow. Spanish

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Tutorial: How to mesh with distance fields?

Hi everyone!

Long summer and new tutorials coming. This time I would like to show you how to mesh the distance field using particles, meshes or vdb format with graphs.

How to mesh by using distance fields from particles?


How to mesh by using distance fields from mesh files


How to mesh by using distance fields from vdb files? Part 1


How to mesh by using distance fields from vdb files? Part 2


Enjoy RealFlow!


Tutorial: Hybrido as Realwave!

Hi everyone,

Long time we think that the possibility to mix Hybrido with RealWave in Realflow would be great. And now this tutorial is going to explain how to do it. It means, how to project the Hybrido simulation in a Realwave, but with the possibility to generate foam and splash particles for Hybrido simulation too.  Thanks to my colleague Alex for helping with the graphs setup. Please, don’t forget download the basic scene and graphs.

Hybrido as RealWave part1

Hybrido as RealWave part2

Hybrido as RealWave part3

Hybrido as RealWave part4

Download the basic scene from here

Download the graphs for the scene from here

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Graph Tutorial: Creating WetMaps with Graphs in RealFlow

Hi all!

A new tutorial explaining a new graph made by colleague Alex.  The WetMap graph. The scene is included to download from the RealFlow resources. This example scene generates a wetmap for every object belonging to the walker using Hybrido particles. Take a look at this tutorial to know how to make wetmaps by using graphs in RealFlow.


Another example made with the WetMap graph.

The graph can be download from RealFlow resources

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Tutorial: Previews on command line or GUI using Graphs.

Hi all!

My colleague Alex made this awasome tool to generate previews by using graphs only loading the info from the particles stored in the hard disk. It means we don’t need to load any particle in the RealFlow viewport and also that we can generate the preview by using the command line in local or network. This graph is based on the normal of particles so we can add shadows for our previews!!! Take a look.

Point Projector Normal tool part1

Point Projector Normal tool part2

Waterfall test rendered from RealFlow with the Point Projection Tool

The graph can be downloaded from RealFlow resources .

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!


Graphs: Adding displacement to the mesh by using graphs

Hello everyone!

Holidays have finished and here we are again to post new graph tool. Sometimes we want to apply our displacement map to the mesh so the render can be faster only rendering the mesh and not applying the displacement map in the render process. In that case, we can mesh the particles by using the apply displacement option inside RealFlow, but sometimes we forget to do it and simulate again the mesh and applying the displacement could be a long process. By using graphs, we can apply  the displacement maps we want in the folder we want, to the mesh we want as well. In order to do that,

– just open a new RealFlow scene

– Open the Simulation Flow and load the graph

– Change the paths in the graph and the settings you need, like tiles.

– Simulate.

This process is very faster, and you don’t need to create a mesh node if you don’t want. The mesh node is only to display the mesh in the viewport.


The graph can be downloaded from here or it can be also downloaded from RealFlow resources 

Enjoy RealFlow.