Tutorial: RealFlow 2014. How to work with the new Ocean Force Field daemon

Hi all!

The Ocean Force Field daemon is one of most interesting tools included in RealFlow 2014. It will allow us to apply a force to modify the fluid’s dynamic. And it is not only for Hybrido fluid but for objects too, giving us the possibility to create very interesting effects. Please, take a look at the videos and I hope you enjoy them.


video  Ocean_Force_Field_part1

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part2

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part3

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part4

Tutorials: RealFlow 2013 video tutorials!!!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patient because last month has been a bit crazy  :). So, I made some videos to know how to use Hybrido from basic to advanced. They have sound but if you don’t like my voice 🙂 turn off the audio and read the subtitles as always. I hope you enjoy RealFlow 2013 and the videos, of course!!!

Working with the RelationShipEditor in RF2013

Hybrido Basic

Hybrido working with stream emitters

Hybrido Secondaries

Hybrido advanced

Next tutorials for coming!

RealFlow 2013 working with Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido and Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido Mesh.

luisM. 😉

RealFlow 2013 is coming! FMX Stuttgart videos

My colleague Gustavo is presenting the RealFlow 2013 version at the FMX, Stuttgart. I leave some videos for that presentation.

Fluid Working with Batch Graps

Massive fluids and massive secondaries

Amazing and fast simulations

Massive simulation with not impressive machine.

New meshing with incredible meshing time.

Alembic import / export

Maxwell Previews inside RealFlow

Working with GPU

Complex dynamics and fracturing simulations

Massive elements inside RealFlow

Dynamics Simulations without passes


Tutorials: cmiVFX has released Realflow Destruction Tactics vol 1 and 2

Hi everyone!

I would like to say that cmiVFX has released several videos to work in production which are focus on RealFlow and Caronte. As you know, Caronte is the dynamic solver inside RealFlow. If you are looking for the way to work with big scenes and dynamics effects, these videos will be great for your purposes. You should take a look.

Realflow Destruction Tactics Vol 01

Realflow Destruction Tactics Vol 02


Tips and Tricks: How to animate the initial speed and angular velocities for objects

Hi everyone!

We know we can set an initial or angular speed for dynamics objects in RealFlow, but we can’t animate directly these parameters on time. So, the only way to animate these parameters is using scripting. If we animate the initial velocities for objects will allows us good effects like explosions, objects which are getting breaking in the air, for example.  In order to do this effect:

1- We’ll need to load the objects as SD and not as Multibody. It is due to the Multibody won’t change its pivot point position so it will be always in the same point.

2- Once the SD is loaded, we’ll open the BatchScript (F10) and paste this script.

Click here to download the script.

3- This line,  scene.simulateStep(), will simulate the scene directly from the BatchScript allowing us to change the initial velocities for the objects. So, we’ll nee to run the script from the Script menu and Run option in the BatchScript window. You can’t stop the simulation once the last frame is simulated, so you’ll need to hit the ESC key to cancel the simulation. If you don’t cancel the simulation, only the last frame will be overwritten.

Below you have some video examples controlling this effect.

Running without scripting

Running with scripting

Controlling several objects with scripting