Video : Submarine explosion

Hi all!,

I’ve just found this video about a simulation I made in RealFlow with Hybrido and Caronte for dynamics. I’ll try to upload new tutorials very soon.

luisM. 😉


Tutorial RF: How to work with the new Ocean Force Field daemon

Hi all!

The Ocean Force Field daemon is one of most interesting tools included in RealFlow 2014. It will allow us to apply a force to modify the fluid’s dynamic. And it is not only for Hybrido fluid but for objects too, giving us the possibility to create very interesting effects. Please, take a look at the videos and I hope you enjoy them.


video  Ocean_Force_Field_part1

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part2

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part3

video  Ocean_Force_Field_part4



Tutorials RF: video tutorials!!!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patient because last month has been a bit crazy  :). So, I made some videos to know how to use Hybrido from basic to advanced. They have sound but if you don’t like my voice 🙂 turn off the audio and read the subtitles as always. I hope you enjoy RealFlow 2013 and the videos, of course!!!

Working with the RelationShipEditor in RF2013

Hybrido Basic

Hybrido working with stream emitters

Hybrido Secondaries

Hybrido advanced

Next tutorials for coming!

RealFlow 2013 working with Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido and Caronte.
RealFlow 2013: Hybrido Mesh.

luisM. 😉