Tutorials: Digital Tutors tutorial

Hi all!

I made a tutorial for Digital Tutors, explaining how to work with a Hybrido scene and creating secondaries for it, and the process to get the mesh. The scene and water material for Maxwell is also included.  Click on the image to see the tutorial.


Thanks RFTeam’s colleagues for helping!

Enjoy RealFlow!



Tutorial: from simulation to the render

hi all!

I want to start several tutorials explaining the method to work from your 3D application, make the simulation in RealFlow, take all necessaries passes from the simulation and rendering them with Maxwell to composite with NUKE. We’re going to start with the easier video “The propeller simulation”

Here you are the first part “How to work with Alembic in RealFlow”

Download the propeller SD geometry from here

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!