Tutorial: Maelstrom tutorial. English and Spanish.

Hi all!

Finally I have the maelstrom tutorial made with Realflow. Sorry for the long wait ;). In this tutorial we are going to see how to make the setup for creating the maelstrom scene based on Hybrido particles and secondary particles such as bubbles and foam in RealFlow.

Maelstrom Tutorial. English

Maelstrom tutorial. Spanish. 

luisM. 😉




  1. Great tutorial except one thing. The Vortex Daemon doesn’t allow me to scale it as you’ve shown in the tutorial. I drag the sliders, they snap back to 1. I drag the manipulator, it doesn’t move. Is there a trick to this or is this a bug?


    Using Realflow 2015

    1. Hey,

      It is not a bug. This tutorial was made when you had the possibility to scale vortex daemon from nodes transformation and then we saw it might be a problem and it was removed. The last version of RealFlow only allows to scale falloff parameter for vortex from falloff scale. I also included that part in the video explaining it but then it was removed because I thought it was not necessary as you had the falloff scale option. 😉

  2. Hey, awesome tutorial! 🙂 I have only one question – i can’t seem to get motion blur using Vray for Max as render engine, on any of the Hybrido assets i import. Any tips/ideas how to get it to work?

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