A mistake with links for lastest videos


There was a mistake with English links for the lastest videos I posted a couple of days ago. Sorry for that. Now they are correct.


Learning RealFlow. English: Hybrido. Making a Waterfall

Learning RealFlow. English:Hybrido. Making an Initial State

luisM πŸ˜‰



  1. Hey Luis, thanks for the great tutorials! They are all really helpful!
    I’m trying to load an already cached (gfc) hybrido sim onto a new blank scene. I created a domain with the same name, synched cache directories and click “update timeline”. Although it shows yellow, the particles are not displayed on the viewport. Is this the correct way of loading a cached hybrido sim into a new scene ? another question: am I able to convert from gfc to vdb from the graph editor or command line ? thanks a lot! appreciated.

    1. Hey, gfc is only for fields but not for particles. For particle you always will need the rpc files. Rpc files are necessary for meshing as well as you can view the particles in the viewport, and the gfc or vdb is for generating secondaries as splashes, foam, bubbles, etc. Unfortunately there is not a quick way to convert the gfc to vdb but it can be done by using a graph. πŸ˜‰ luisM.

      1. thanks! I didn’t find a loader for .gfc files on the graph editor… maybe the conversion would require me to load the rpc particles and re-build vdb voxels from it ? don’t have a clue on how to do that =)

  2. Hello Luis, Thanks for the great tutorial. You mentioned you would do another tutorial to show how to create secondaries for your waterfall simulation. Will you be adding this tutorial to complete the effect? Thanks

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