Learning RealFlow English/Spanish: Hybrido tutorials.

Hi everyone!

I’m going to start with Hybrido tutorials for learning RealFlow as well. I’ll keep posting tutorials about Dyverso, RelationShip Editor, VDB Meshers, Interface, etc, but this time is the turn for Hybrido. So, we’re going to see how to make a waterfall and how to create an initial state for start to emit from it. I hope you enjoy the tutorials.

Voy a empezar a postear tutoriales de Hybrido tambien para aprender como funciona dentro de RealFlow. Seguire posteando videos sobre diferentes materias como Dyverso, RelationShip Editor, VDB Meshers, Interface, etc, pero esta vez le toca a Hybrido. Para estos tutoriales de Hybrido, vamos a ver como hacer el setup de una cascada muy simple y como generar un estado inicial para emitir desde ahi. Espero que os gusten.


Learning RealFlow. English: Hybrido. Making a Waterfall

Learning RealFlow. English:Hybrido. Making an Initial State


Learning RealFlow. Spanish: Hybrido. Creando una cascada

Learning RealFlow. Spanish: Hybrido. Crear un Estado Inicial

Enjoy RealFlow!




  1. Hello!

    Nice site and very helpful to see your work! I am just taking a chance to ask for a bit of help here because I can´t seem to find any relevant info on this subject on the entire web. I am making a simulation of a fish, jumping up from the water and landing on a jetty made of dry wood. The splash is no problem, but when the fish and the water lands on the jetty you kind of expect some of the water to be “sucked” in to the wood for a realistic result. Otherwise it looks like the jetty is made of plastic. I would like to use the hybrido but I can´t find any settings for this in the object settings? If you don´t have time to write me a comment, I understand that this is not the proper forum. But anyway thanks for reading! Merry christmas!

    1. Hi, I would use Dyverso in this case. I don’t know if you need splashes but you could use the trick to convert the dyverso particles to hybrido particles if you want to get splashes. Dyverso will give you more detail and you could use some daemon like kage to create the effect you want. 😉

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