Tutorials: Maxwell Render integration enhancements!


Another great tutorial from CGMatters!. Learn how to render fluids with Maxwell in RealFlow.

Enjoy RealFlow!




  1. Hi Luis. Sorry to bug you but I can’t find an answer to a pressing RF problem. I have a logo created in C4D which I want to drop with a splash into a bowl of water. It works fine with RealWave but just passes through the particles in Hybrido. Hybrido will get the better result. When imported as one .sd file the geometry of other “primitive” nodes from the same C4D project interact fine but my logo geometry has no effect. I know I am doing something wrong. Can you please help.

    1. Hi Mike,

      That is because you will need to adjust the cell size for your geometry. If you select the geometry and go the Display tab, you will see the Isosurface parameter. Check it and take a look if the isosurface you see is matching with your original geometry (set the original geometry as cube to see the isosurface in a better way). If not, change the cell size for that geometry to adjust it.

      luisM. 😉

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