Tutorials: Dyverso Dancer from cgmatters blog!

Hi everyone!

Next week I will return from my vacation and keep posting more “made it simple getting great results” tutorials with RealFlow.

Meanwhile, my colleague Gus made a new tutorial about how to work with Dyverso particles. Take a look and enjoy it!


Me and Gus.

Gus and me in Santoña – Cantabria, Spain.

Enjoy RealFlow!




  1. my imported character doesn’t generate particles (it is set as emitter).
    If i use another object as emmiter, this works..

    Do you have a solution for this?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jarne,

      It would be great to taje a look at the object you are using as emitter. Maybe the resolution is too low. Try to increase the resolution. Also, is it a closed geometry?


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