news: Basic RealFlow tutorial series.

Hi everyone!

I’m going to start a serie of basic videos for learning RealFlow to make great simulations with very few steps and take adventage of simple setups to create amazing simulations like this video below.

Enjoy RealFlow!




  1. Thank you really looking forward to it. Hope to see simulation like in the video. It also would be nice to see a ocean splash and boat simulation. I think these are some real basic simulations (classics 😀 )

      1. Hi ian,

        I promise this evening I’m going to try to do it. I hope it is in a couple days. I didn’t have much time right now 😉


  2. Hola Luis,
    I’m guessing you rendered the above scene in RF?
    I’m trying to get a similar sim rendered with displacement, but I can’t get the displacement to render without actually applying it to the mesh.

    Whats the steps in 2015 to render the displacement without changing the mesh? Would love a tut on that or just a few pointers.


    1. He dave,

      I like to apply the displacement directly on the mesh because I can see it faster, but it depends on you like. The easiest way to apply the displacement will be using it as a displacement map. 🙂


  3. Hi, thanks for the tutorials so far!
    But i haven’t seen a tutorial to simulate the above (incl render)
    and also no boat sim. (incl render)

    Will you make one?

    Kind regards and all the best!

  4. Hi Luis, I stuck on creating a similar effect. I use vortex gravity and fracture daemons in the scene and the scene size is 40x40meters. I have to problems now, first, the vortex that I create doesn’t look like a big one(It’s suppose to…); second, I cannot create splashes from the scene, and the domain preview for splashes and forms doesn’t look good either…HELP!!~~thx~

    1. Hey,

      I’m working on this tutorial right now. It won’t be subtitled. So I hope you like. Also I’ll upload the scene so you can have a look. 😉


  5. Hi Luis,

    I recently stumbled across your video of RealFlow’s 2015 swirl simulation ( and I really liked how the vortex turned out. It looks unbelievably realistic and stunning. This has inspired me to create somewhat similar scene. I wonder if there is any chance you can shed some light on how to set it up?
    I’m trying to use the vortex daemon in Realflow 2013 but I can’t seem to get any close. Btw, is it possible to achieve this effect in RF 2013?
    Any input would be much appreciated.

    1. Hey Max,

      The tutorial is made. I need time to edit it and upload it a bit. I hope I can do it soon becuase I have several of them still for uploading. Sorry :(. But it will be soon.


      1. Thanks for quick reply. I’m really looking forward to this tutorial as its something that would help me and others a lot. And many thanks to you for putting the effort into making this tutorial!!

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