Tips and tricks: How to mesh SPH with Hybrido Mesher

Hi all!,

Sometimes we would like to mesh the SPH particles with the Hybrido Mesh instead using Particle mesher but it is not possible by default. So, the way to do it is very easy.

Once you have done your SPH scene, you’ll need to create an empty HY_Domain.

Create a HY_Mesh (Hybrido mesher). The Hybrido Domain must be attached to the Hybrido Mesher.

Click on HY_Mesh with right button and insert emitters.

Select the SPH emitters you want to add to mesh them with the Hybrido mesher.

Adjust the parameters for meshing as you need.

If you simulate now, the mesh will be created based on sph emitter/s.



Enjoy RealFlow!.

luisM. 😉



  1. Great tip! What is the benefit of Meshing SPH with Hybrido mesher? The mesh extension options, displacement, etc?

    1. Hey,

      If you have your settings to mesh with Hybrido Mesher and you like, you will be able to apply that mesh settings to SPH too, besides as you said of using displacement, playing with polygon , etc. About extensions, for this case won’t be advisable for using when meshing SPH because the extensions will need a relaxed fluid to be applied.

      luisM. 😉

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