RealFlow 2015: Sneak Peek. Splines

Hey all!

I would like to share you some new tools will arrive in RealFlow 2015. Splines. The usability for DSSpline and emitter Splines will be very improved because of the spline node which will be able to import and create curves. The spline will give to the DSspline and Spline emitter less control in the parameters and all control directly in the viewport.


This video below shows the possibility importing splines by using a Python script inside RealFlow.  This kind of utility will be included in RealFlow by default, of course.

Enjoy RealFlow 2014…5! 😉




    1. Hi huseyin,

      To add more control point to the spline, you’ll need to edit the spline and clicking on the viewport with right click you will be able to add more control points. Also, when you edit any spline, a message will appear on the left down to see what you need to do to add more cp. 🙂

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