Tutorial: RealFlow 2014. Working with the new mask channel for RPC. How to separate foam from bubbles?

Hi all!

A new RealFlow 2014 tutorial comes to explain how to separate foam particles from other particles for composed emitters like Hybrido Bubbles. For RealFlow 2014, a new channel has been introduced for rpc files, called “mask”, which will allow us to separate the foam particles for composed emitters as Hybrido_Bubbles, Hybrido_Splash&Foam and Hybrido_Wet&Foam, so they can be treated in a different way that  others particles as bubbles, splash or wet particles.




More to come…

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!




    1. Hi Muhammad,

      Of course. Renderkit is for that. I mean, it is to create the mesh in rendertime without generating the mesh in RealFlow previously.


      1. Thank you Luismma for the reply.

        Actually i am using real flow 2013 (hybrido) and forgot to generate the bin files (I found using the core paricles with motion blure overlayed the mesh in render, give good result)
        so is their any soultion for generating the bin from the rpc or gfc files.


  1. Thank you very much
    Is it working with reaflow 2014?

    Another questions please

    Is it the same to load bin particles in 3ds max and render by maxwell or load bin particles in maxwell studio regarding the scene handling and particles render technology?

    Can I asign maxwell materials to the bin particles inside 3ds max?

    Can I render final production quality from maxwell inside realflow?

    I found using renderkit to render particles so heavy computing than karaktwa but did achieve good results so I thought about rendering the foam particles by maxwell

    Thank you

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