RealFlow2014 is coming!: New Ocean Force Field Daemon


I’m pretty sure this will be my favorite tool for RealFlow, haha ;). The Ocean Force Field daemon will allow us to apply forces to the particles so we can make a turbulent fluid if we wish. I mean, we can create turbulent seas, rivers running free, etc, without having a static fluid when the simulation is going to start. No more statics fluids ;). How does it work?. Simple. Just configure the Ocean Force Field similar to RealWave to generate the waves. We’ll be able to mix several Ocean Force Field daemons to get the fluid aspect we need, like this simple test below, and…it is working as well for objects and of course, it can be used with textures so we’ll be able to use any animated texture to create any water effect, also export textures from RealWave and use them for this daemon. Have you thought of explosions, swirls, twisters on fluid, rolling waves,  for instance?





Enjoy RealFlow 2014!





    1. Hey,

      It is. You’ll be able to blend several ocean for fields, including using textures, to generate great waves for hybrido 😉


  1. How much “preroll” would be needed to get the fluid moving?
    Anyways, the daemon I’ve been longing for the most. Greatly appreciated!

    1. Hey,

      It will depend on the scene and result you want. But my advice is to simulate the scene even if you want to make an initial state. now, the lock button won’t save a state so it is better simulate the scene and get the frame you need to make the initial state.


  2. Hello Luis,Where can i get this scene file with geometry interaction. i want to study how the parameters and connections are used. in real flow scene file i found it without geometry.

  3. Hi Luismma
    Thank you for your great support

    I did some trials about the ocean force field and splashes but I found some splashes artifacts(sure becuase of my lake of experience 😉

    1. Hey,

      It seems that the splashes are underwater sometimes. It can be due the splashes are not matching with the mesh. For the next patch there will be an improvement about to snap particles properly to the mesh.


      1. Hey,
        Actually i have the same result with core particel and splashes it seems I have something wrong with the splash creation parameters??

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