RealFlow 2014 is coming!: FMX2014 presentation

Hi all!

Take a look this RealFlow 2014 presentation that my colleague Victor Sanchez gave at FMX2014.

[vimeo 94994584]

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!



  1. Hej, sounds great! really looking forward to the new version! 🙂
    can you tell me more about this “bubble” particle thing ?!

    1. Hey,

      Bubbles particles will be easy to use and, so far, I like very much. You’ll have the possibility to generate bubbles inside the fluid and they will convert to foam once they are on the fluid surface. Really cool!


      1. Hej there!
        i guess this will be one of my most loved new feature ! ( well the whole 2014 release sounds amazing so far ! can’t stress enough how much i’m looking forward to this ^^)
        keep it up ! 🙂

        kind regards ( thanks for the screenshot )

  2. Hello Great video! I’m Really Excited for the new Features in Realflow 2014!

    I was wondering If Making objects Float in a Hybrido Simulation is improved in realflow 2014?

    Also I’m Curious about the Bubble Feature you briefly mentioned. Dose the Bubble Feature Work with Both Hybrido and Standatrd Particals?

    1. Hey Bryce,

      So far it will be a new secundary for HYbrido, and it is really cool. Bubbles will have the possibility to convert in foam once they are on fluid surface. Simulations are pretty cool with bubbles and for many simulations foam couldn’t be necessary, als depending on you want of course.




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