RealFlow beta connectivity plugins for Autodesk 2015 products

Hi all!,

We are testing beta plugins for RealFlow and Autodesk Maya, XSI and 3Dsmax 2015. So, I would like to share these beta plugins so you can test them too.  Since the plugins will be more accesible for all, here you can start testing the Autodesk 2015 ones.  Download the beta plugins from:

3DSMax 2015


Maya 2015 LinuxMaya 2015 MacMaya 2015 Win


Also, there is plugin for XSI 2015 win but just for windows at this moment.

Enjoy RealFlow!





    1. Hi,

      yes it is working. Just try to increase the motion blur parameter in the control panel to 50 or so. Don’t forget to check the motion blur in the object properties.


  1. Thanks for sharing these early!! We are working with 2015 for a few projects now, so it’s great to have RF available there.

    Also…the connectivity plugins are free to all?! This is pretty amazing and generous. Means you can share/sell RF sims, meshes, etc to others.

    Or even use the .sd format as a great pointcache format to share scene data between files or across different apps – max to maya, etc.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Your’re welcome. Plugins are free. Already have been posted in the RealFlow web to download, at least the 3dsmax version. Yeah, sd files has been used for many users to send files between to maya and max or other 3d platforms.


  2. Hey how to install realflow beta plugins for maya 2015 all i see is Realflow_2015.xsiaddon and i cant figure it out .i’m pretty eager to mix with bifrost

    1. Hey,

      the addon is only for softimage. Just drag and drop into softimage and it will be automatically installed. For maya you have the links above. 😉


    1. Hola Enrique,

      Los plugins ya te los puedes descargar desde la pagina web de RealFlow. No te hace falta instalar estos. De todas maneras tienen un instalador.

      The plugins can be downloaded from RealFlow web. You don’t need to intall the RealFlow beta plugins. Anyway, to install them is easy. They have an installer to do it.

      luisM. 😉

  3. I need realflow plugin for maya 2015& 2016 any one help me plzzzplzzz download linka and description..

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