Take a look at RealFlow’s Lumiere Studios videos

Hi all!

Our colleagues of LumiereStudios have posted a tons of videos about RealFlow. They are awesome! well done!. Click on the image to go the videos.


Enjoy RealFlow!




  1. hi.. i have a problem with HY_mesh. i export mesh via abc file format.. if HY_mesh, use displacement set to no, it can export 4 channels (vel, vorticity, curvature and splahity). But..when use displacement set to yes it can only export velocity channel, other three channels are missing… How can i get other three channels?

    1. Hi MarsLee,

      Yeah, it is a bug. I’m afraid it can’t be fixed in an easy way in realflow 2013. Sorry for that. In realflow 2014 it will be fixed. Meanwhile, you could try this graph to apply the displacement by using graphs.


      Load your mesh sequence, load the displacement maps and apply the graph, choose the file where you want to save the mesh again and a new mesh file will be saved when excuting the graph. You’ll see the effect in the viewport. Don’t forget to connect the display mesh node to the evaluator to see the result in the viewport. 😉


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