News: RealFlow 2014 is coming!!! Viscosity tests

Hi everyone,

We have been making some test about the new features will coming for RealFlow 2014!. Viscosity is the first one!. More to come…

Hybrido viscosity: Large scale!

Hybrido viscosity: Small scale!. 

My colleague Enrique made this simulation. It is great!

Enjoy RealFlow 2014!!!




  1. Hi luisM
    cool, thanks for the Information
    that’s really great 🙂

    may I ask you something:

    how long you simulated the viscosity in hybrido ?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Now, the time so far is not reliable because the RF 2014 is still in alpha. But I can say it is fast. Also, keep in mind you don’t need millions of particles when simulating the viscosity scene. The truck scene had 22 millions, but it would be enough with 6 or 8 millions too.


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