Tutorial: RealFlow 2013! Displacement and Meshes

Hi all and happy new RealFlow simulations!

My colleague Thomas Schlick made this awesome video talking about Displacement and Meshes mixed with Dynamics in RealFlow 2013. Great job Thomas!.




    1. Hi Sergen,

      Thank you!

      Unfortunately, a cached dynamic object won’t affect another active object. But you can do this. Import the object as alembic or sd with animation and set it as Passive. Make sure you are not setting the object directly to passive due to you will overwrite the sd animation for it. For that reason it needs to be loaded again.


  1. Hello!
    Recently i discover your blog. It is full of very useful and interesting things. May i ask you about spikes-like glitches on Maxwell render preview?
    Mesh is good, this things appear only after render.


    1. Hi,


      That is a problem which is happening becuase of maxwell motion blur. But if you are displaying that error in Maxwell means the mesh generated in RealFlow is wrong. There is something weird when generating the mesh which is doing that weird thing even though you are watching the mesh properly. Do you have the mesh settings and the particle file to try myself?


      1. It is from demo scenes (Hybrido basic scene). Yes, i think it is because of motion blur. Thank you.

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