Graph Tutorial: Creating WetMaps with Graphs in RealFlow

Hi all!

A new tutorial explaining a new graph made by colleague Alex.  The WetMap graph. The scene is included to download from the RealFlow resources. This example scene generates a wetmap for every object belonging to the walker using Hybrido particles. Take a look at this tutorial to know how to make wetmaps by using graphs in RealFlow.


Another example made with the WetMap graph.

The graph can be download from RealFlow resources

Enjoy RealFlow 2013!




  1. Hola buenas, llevo desde que publicaste este post intentando descargar el graph desde la web ( y siempre me da error “404 not found”. Este es el link que al que enlaza el botón de descarga: “”
    siempre me da error. ¿No hay posibilidad de descargarlo de otra parte o ponerlo junto con el post? Gracias.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the tutorial and the graph, but now a very stupid question: How can I import the graph into my own project? Do I really need to rebuild it again? I know, I need some education on graphs, but I’d also need some wet maps as quickly as possible (without spending days studying graphs ;))

    – Elias

    1. Hi Elias,

      No worries ;). You can import the graph simply opening the simulation flow (CTRL+F2) and create a new graph with right click on the FramesPre, for example. Once you have created the new graph, you can import your graph clicking on file/import in the simulation flow toolbar.


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