News: New tutorials for RealFlow 2013!

Hi again,

Find video tutorials about RealFlow 2013 clicking on the image.


Enjoy RealFlow2013!




  1. Is there a tut on using the RE to add splash and foam, if I have displacement/surface calculated which nodes does the splash need to be linked to or is it not necessary to do a separate splash pass then foam pass. If there is a tutorial for that let me know, much appreciated. I guess this RE has thrown me off a bit, seems like it should be easier but which linkages are confusing to figure out.

    1. Hey!

      There is not a tutorial for that, sorry. I’ve though to do some tutorial explaining that but unfortunately it is not ready yet. The easier way is creating a graph to project the particles and there was a graph to do that in the example scenes working with foam particles, I think.


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