Tutorial: How to work with Caronte. RF Dynamics


I post another tutorial about how to work with dynamics solver Caronte inside RealFlow, and we can know a bit more about the fracture tool. Enjoy RealFlow 2013!






  1. Hi Luismma, thanks for your tutorials, this is probably the best realflow resource site on the web.

    I’m trying to do a flying saucer crash as a learning exercise, this is a quick test of the soft bodies behaviour:
    [video src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72022927/ufocrash_test04.mp4" /]
    I’m having a problem with the initial rotation for multibodies, each part rotates around its own GC but I would like all of them to rotate together. Do you know some way to achieve this?

    1. Hola Marcos 😉

      Thanks for your words. Heyyy, the video is cool! I like it.

      Of course. Create a null. Make a group with all objects you need and selecting the group, parent it with the null. Now you can rotate the null and all objects will be rotated over the same axis.


  2. Guenas Luisma 😛
    I’m glad you liked it, I think it has some potential and I would like to improve it.
    I’ve tried the parent to null workflow, nice to know. But my problem is not with object transformation, it is with the initial spin (the @Rotation W property under the soft body tab on the node window 🙂
    Right now I can move and rotate the group, and assign an initial linear @velocity to each part without problems. But, when I assign the same @rotationW each part starts the simulation spinning on its own center of gravity and the multijoints break apart 😦
    The group (or the null object) does not have an @rotationW property… I need more of your wisdom

    1. Hey,

      I would need to see the scene to check if there is something wrong. But if I understand, do you want that the objects to behave like just one object?

      let me know.


      1. Sorry for the long delay Luismma, I’m working as a freelancer and sometimes the work floods me. I’m happy of having some free time again.

        You are right, I have a group of multibodies with different properties but I want all of them to start the simulation behaving as a single object, with a common initial velocity and spin.

        I would like to share a dropbox folder with you, could you please contact me on my profile email address?

        Thanks again!

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