Script: Set a project folder for RealFlow 2013!

Hi all!

Sometimes is necessary to write out the info in a specific folder we want and we have to do it manually  from the Export Central. It is not necessary anymore. SetProject script will replace the project folder indicating where we want to write out the information when simulating. Take a look this video

Download the script from RealFlow resources

NOTE: Maxwell folder is now working too.




  1. Hello Luis, first of all, i like your blog very, very much!!!! Your tutorials are really awesome.
    I have a question on scripting: How can i access the parameter “Radius” for a emitter under a ParticleMesh node.

    Best regards,Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for you kind words! 😉

      About your question. You must use

      ParticleMesh01.getEmitterParameter(“Circle01”, “Radius”)

      Depending on the name of your emitter you should change “Circle01” name.

      luisM. 😉

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