Tutorials: Graphs – ExecutionNodes!!!

Hi all!

We keep posting videotutorials to know the powerful to work with graph nodes in RealFlow 2013. In this ocassion my colleague Alex made another interesting video. Take a look and enjoy RealFlow 2013!!!




  1. Hello Luis, I’m having a lot of trouble to save the foam particles with snap graph, because maya pipeline. Alembic does not work properly in maya with particle sequence (doesn’t work at all).
    Third, I can´t save in. Prt from batch graph, which has normal channel. So… there´s a way to save .Prt direct from batch graph? would be great if in future realflow export in .rib or .ass from graph or ui.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hey Marco,

      There is not implementation to save particles to prt with the batch graph. I hope it will be added soon. Meanwhile, try this script guessing you have the rpc files. It is a batch script so, once you have simulated, set the domain to cache, open the batch script and run this script. It will take a few time to export the particles to prt.

      GD = scene.get_HY_GridDomain(“Grid_Fluid_Domain01”)
      for f in range(scene.getMinFrame(), scene.getMaxFrames() +1):
      GD.activeExportResource(14, False)
      GD.activeExportResource(5, True)
      GD.activeExportResource(14, True)

      Note: I don’t know why wordpress doesn’t allow me to shift right text from “scene….”. Keep in mind that the sentences below “for” must be to the right.


  2. Hi,something strange has happened to me with the snap graph,for the first couple of times i tried it ,it was very fast..like 30 mins the entire 180 frame sequence of 2M foam particles written out..no when i do it each frame takes about 1-2 mins …are the graphs supossed to take time or are they quite fast..?

    1. Hi,

      It is weird. keep in mind that some graphs gets the cell size manually, and if this value is very low, the simulation could be increased on time. Do you have some scene test to take a look?


    1. Hi Bhavya,

      About the scene, you have three buttons in the Simulation Flow, third, fourth and fifth from right to left, to know where the graph is taking long time to simulate. I’m seeing you have a weird thing in graphs. The time for “root.SnapFoamParticlesToMesh_Batch.For_01” is 263145.281250 and it because the for node is giving a wrong time. I send you the graph again with for disabled. Check out the mesh path cause I changed. Try the graph in a frame you think it is slow. How many foam particles do you have?. Are you not simulating hybrido, foam and meshing at the sime time, right?


      let me know.


  3. ok great..will check it and get back to you,and no,i have cached all the lements separately then in the scne with everything set to cache/disabled i run the graph

  4. In the tutorial could also please incorporate meshing a single flat surface with displacement(i knw about the open boundaries)..i stuggle with those alot.Thanks!

  5. Hi..cool ! waiting for it ..and its working fine with the graph you provided..thanks !
    You should rename your blog to luis,’s SuperAwesome Blog 😀
    Big help

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