Tutorials: More Graph videos!

Hi all!

My colleagues of RealFlow Team made a new video tutorials, so take a break to see the latest tutorials on simulation graphs.

 Data Types

Explaining the concept of “Data types” and the importance they have working with RealFlow graphs.

Value and Reference

A faster way to optimize the graphs, especially when working with arrays.

Sharing Data between graphs

How to improve the graphs performance by using Global variables.

Enjoy Graphs!. Enjoy RealFlow 2013!!!




  1. thanks for all ur valuable tutorials. i have a doubt in your script about filling particles in animated object. in every frame the particles position is changing. can we avoid that? please help me

    1. Hello bharat,

      I’m afraid you’ll need to do something else to create the sand man effect. If the particles change the position will be weird when rendering. So, the only way I can think to make this effect is adjusting the resolution and collision for the object and adding a bounded gravity.


  2. and also i want to apply daemon for animated objects only at specific places. is it possible. please help me. i wanted to do sand man kind of effect.

  3. thanku for your reply. but when the particles are created in each frame individually, fields are not able to act on the particles. am i missing to do something?

  4. i mean if i doesn’t use the script, the volume of the animated object is changing. the particles are not stable.

    1. Hi,

      You are right, but the problem with the script is, you don’t have control over particles anymore. Increasing the number of particles with a fill emitter will be better.



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