Tutorials: Graphs – Arrays with RealFlow 2013


My colleague Hilko added another interesting videtutorial about how to work with graphs in RealFlow 2013. Take a look at this videotutorial!. More for coming!




  1. In realflow 2013, the created hybrido mesh, leaves major gap between itself and the collision polygon mesh surface.

    It seems that the hybrido mesh is floating over the collised mesh now…

    Is there a parameter that controls such distance ?
    Should scaling be super high to get decent results ?

    I am looking fordqare to receiving your reply.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Luis, i’m getting to know graphs now (before was using scripting a lot), the only thing i cannot do is connect the Particles pin from the GetParticles node to the Particles pin from the GetParticleById, it just doesn’t connect :((( . I’ve made a couple of conditions and combined them with bitAnd operators + an ArrayNumFilterByMask, then i use the mask in the GetParticlesById, but the thingy i described above doesnt work. How do you output particles which fullfilled a specific condition ? Which Node ? Thank you in advance 🙂

      1. Hey,

        You need after adding getParticles node, a ParticlegetChannel and put there the channel to choose, in this case “id”.


    2. Hey,

      t depends on the cell size but unfortunatelly there is not an easy way to fix that and only setting a low value for the cell size will work. However, you could try to make a graph to create particles between collision object and fluid. I think I had this graph in somewhere. I’m going to check it out.


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