News: NVidia Drivers to work without problems in RealFlow

Hi everyone,

We are experiencing some issues of people working with the latest drivers of NVIDIA for Quadro graphic cards as quadro 2000 and 4000. Basically the last drivers 320 is not working as it should inside RealFlow. For that reason, my colleague Gustavo send a message showing the correct driver to work with RealFlow. I post the message he sent to the users in the forum expecting it can help you as well.


We are checking with some nVidia cards and drivers to see if we can get to the bottom of this issue to try and make it ‘driver independent’ so to speak if that is even possible.
So far, what we have found, is that at least the latest driver available on the Quadro cards 320.0 doesn´t like RealFlow very much. However, the previews one don´t have any issue performing as expected. 311.15 is a good one, and this is the recommended one for the latest AD suite

Simple test run over 100 frames a scene using a circle emitter inside a cube with gravity…

using driver 320.00, simulation time 4min40seconds!  🙂
using driver 315.15, simulation time 10 seconds!  😀

We are trying to contact nVidia to update also the recommendations on their side so we have at least some recommended ones there when you go to update them.


I hope it helps.




  1. Hej Luis, Thanx for the Infos. Do you think, This issue occurs also, when GPU Simulation is switched off? Cause i have some really strange problem even if i turn of the GPU support in Simulation Options:

    1. Hey Sascha,

      My colleague Angel told you about Nvidia released new drivers fixing some problems with them, and now, RealFlow seems work properly. Try to install and simulate again.


  2. Hi Luis,

    are there any news on better nvidia drivers for computing realflow sims with opencl?

    I tested scenes with a quadro k6000 and the differences aren’t that much (e.g. dual Xeon X5680 @3.33GHz vs. Nvidia Quadro K6000 12GB)

    The GPU-sim was only 7 sec. faster for 10 frames. I tried different drivers, the newest 344.11 and oldest.

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