Tutorials: RealFlow new graph videotutorial!

Hi again! 🙂

My colleague Alex made another video tutorial with graphs. Amazing! Enjoy RealFlow2013




  1. How about a tutorial for the renedering workflows for at least the major programs like Maya or Max ?
    How should one render out those bin files in those programs, so that they get decent rendered results like those shown from Maxwell for example?
    Are there any special plugins needed to get the renedred correctly ? (like karkatoa ?)
    Is there a composite work involved to get splashes / meshes blended together ?

    I know that this might be away from realflow, but I think there is a knowledge gap in this area that it would be nice to learn from the pros.

    Any luck for such a tutorial ?

    1. Hi tristratos!

      I’m on it. I’m making a simulation to render with Maxwell with several passes of splas, foam, etc. I’ll will be soon.


  2. yes same as here above..
    And can anyone help me with tutorials to create realistic oceans like this


    would realy help to get the max out of realflow 😀


  3. Also a tutorial about how you can blend a simulation made with hybrido with a ocean created with for example realwave would be very nice! 🙂

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