RealFlow 2013 released!!!

Hi everyone!

RealFlow 2013 is released! Enjoy it!!! Click on the images to see the videos with the new features.


Check the documentation for RealFlow 2013 here!




    1. hello, if you installed it and I can ragalar license file, as the demo it fetches, do not, thanks

      1. Hello Raul,

        I don’t understand very well your question. Are you spanish? if so, please, try to send the question in spanish.

        Thanks 😉


  1. I have a problem, eh downloaded the trial version but I do not see anywhere the demo license file, any help?

  2. hola luis, lo que pasa es que descarge la version 2013 de prueba, pero cuando abro realflow 2013 me pide licencia, y como que la instalacion que descage de la pagina oficial no tiene el archivo serial, para poder abrir y poder probar realflow 2013, agradeceria si uds tienen el archivo licence de realflow demo para que por favor me lo pases ya que no eg podido y eh descargado tres instalaciones y ninguno viene con el archivo serial demo, gracias

    1. Hola Raul,

      Es como te dijo blogespacio3d. Chequea el correo que se te envio que la licencia debe estar alli.

      Your license file is attached with the mail that NextLimit sent you. 😉


  3. Hallo. I have bought me the “Learning Edition” and after saving my first scene there will not be saved the Layout!. I must always after load my Scenefile load my Layout too! Is this a error of Realflow?

  4. Hi Luis.
    Wondering if you have any experience combining hybrido With realwave.
    Want a boat crossing the hybrido to get splashes etc.
    Using realwave around, because hydrido does not work well With huge Ocean..
    Any tip on matching Waves from hybrido With realwave Object ?


    1. Hi Kent,

      The concept of using huge oceans is wrong for me. I think that the best way is simulate the part of the ocean you want, exporting the displacement maps, and then tiling the ocean with the exported displacement maps. If not, you’ll need tons of particles to create a huge ocean and the machine won’t be able to allocate that in memory.

      luisM. 😉

  5. What is the workflow of using the new hybrido setup under realflow 2013!?
    Apparently this has been changed in the new version and there seems that a new workflow should be used instead. WHich is that ?

    Being more specific.
    In an empty scene I create a hybrido domain, a sphere object and an emmiter on it and finally a gravity node (all are connected in the default hub node)
    If I simulate it, the particles fall down to infinity.
    I understand that now the domain is adaptive to anything, but as such, how do we still create simulations as we used to be (for example a part of a waving example like
    How do we limit the particles within a specific space ?
    Creating an additional volume node doesn’t just vanishes/clips particles over the defined area.
    What has been changed in the workflow ?
    If possible be specific as we need to evaluate the demo version within the given demo timeframe.

    Best Regards,

  6. In the following link ( it states that thew new workflow now needs a container for it to be defined.
    But what type of container?
    I tried to add container node but that has no size definition.
    I also tried to add a cube, size it accordingly and rename it to a container, but still that doesn’t seem to be working.

    The only videos that seems to be online regarding the new workflow is the following:

    Which does skip this important as it seems part at some point.
    It seems that it creates two copies of the same object (cube) and it just renames the one to container and connects it to the domain.

    I tried that but still, the particles go over that space!
    Is there something that I am doing wrong?
    What am I missing for the aforementioned video?
    What is the correct new workflow to get hybrido simulations behave as they used to be ?

    Any info or maybe even a simplified workflow video would be much appreciated.

    I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi tri,

      The container can any closed geometry you want but it must be set to solid outside in the Control volume param. I’ll post some video today so you can take a look.


  7. Fully detailed tutorials for 2013 as well as 2013 renderkit are essential!
    Especcially for the new way that hybrido are handled which brakes completely any workflow by now!

    Please let us know so that we may evaluate the new version!

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