Tips and Tricks: How to get BIN files from Mist simulations

Unfortunately, mist simulations can’t be saved as BIN files so we can render them with FumeFX or Krakatoa. There is a workaround to get the BIN files by using scripting but we need to do the splash simulation twice. First one Splash + Mist and another one only the Splash . Take a look at the video.

Download the script from here




  1. Gosh Luis ! It is very complicated.
    I wish , mist wouldn’t be such a trouble, for Realflow 2013 too.
    even using Renderkit, it is still tricky, but I rather using Renderkit.

  2. I love Realflow and Maxwell , and I did for my standards a huge over the budget investment in those tools , giving me right to coment it in the apropriate spaces, always politely.
    You gave me a smile and short answer, in your forum and put an
    annoying don’t disturb and blocked me in skype, I am shocked , and
    I apologize, even Great software has flaws , and has to be criticized
    realistically to improve.I apologize, if I’ve irritated you , I am only
    a Next Limit Maxwell and Realflow user, like many others.

    1. Hey Luiz,

      Mnnnnn…I think it is a mistake. I have you contact in Skype as always. It is not blocked. I would never block you and I don’t understand why I’d do that. I talked to you long time ago but not rencently. Mnnn…weird. Sorry for any inconvenience.


      1. But i need to contact you. i want to learn Realflow. tell me how can we contact each other requently. thanks

      2. Hey,

        I think the best way to lear is watching the tutorial, for example, of Digital Tutors because they give a very basic introduction to RealFlow, and they are not complicated.

        luisM. πŸ˜‰

  3. Skype had the flashy red “don’t disturb sign ” for at least 24 hours, and yes.
    Maybe I am a weirdo to complaint, but I think it is very rude.
    Never mind.
    I am sure it is a mistake, and I am the sorry one.

  4. Hi, Luiz! Thank you for your amazing site, it’s been a great learning tool. I was wondering if you could possibly outline how to import the f3d files for mist from RF 2013 into Fume 3.5?

    1. Hola Juan,

      No se como funcionan el formato f3d todavia dentro de fumefx, lo siento. Voy a echarle un ojo y te comento.

      I don’t know how the f3d format is working for fumefx. I’m going to take a look at this and I’ll let you know.


  5. Hola Luis, no logro seguir el tutorial:
    -Uso RF2013, y Splash no tiene el nodo FLUID en la solapa Display… Supongo que no es obligatorio ese paso y segui adelante…
    -No entiendo como cargas informaciΓ³n de mist en el bin loader, por lo que veo, en una secuancia BIN, tenes juntos el mist y el splash, pero yo solo logro conseguir el splash en bin… No dispongo del Renderkit, ni

    1. … ni StokeMX. Hay alguna forma en que puedas ayudarme? Conoces otra solucion para exportar mist para krakatoa desde real flow 2013? Muchas gracias, suerte.

      1. Instale el StokeMX, pero no veo como importar las particulas f3d. Le meti mucha cabeza a esto, estoy muy interesado…

      2. Hola,

        Desafortunadamente eso sera posible en la version 2 de Stoke MX. Toca esperar hasta que ThinkBox la saque. Tambien puedes ver si te puedes apuntar a la beta. πŸ˜‰


      3. Hola Bruno,

        Estoy mirando una cosa con Stoke MX, ya que permite importar ficheros vdb y f3d. Si es posible, cuando salga la version 2, posteare un tutorial.

        I’m taking a look at Stoke MX, so it will be able to import vdb and f3d formats. If so, when the version Stoke MX 2 will be released, I’ll post a tutorial.


    2. Hola Bruno,

      En RF2013 el setup para esta escena es distinto. Ahora seria mas facil hacerlo con grafos. Basicamente lo que se haria seria ver la posicion donde muere la particula splash, y crear otra particula, de un dominio si quieres, ahi con la misma velocidad y posicion que tenia la de splash, con la diferencia de que puedes exportar la particula a otro dominio, de tal manera que puedas tener el bin, o ahora mas comodo para trabajar con campos de distancias, el vdb o el f3d.

      The setup for this scene is a bit different for RF2013. Now, it would be easier to make the same setup with graphos. The setup would be, more or less, to check the position and velocity when a particles is dying and creating another particle inside a hybrido domain to get the vdb or f3d to work more easily with depth of fields. Of course you can also use the bin file if you want.

      luisM. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi

    I was wondering how to import .f3d mist cache files into 3dsmax. To be used in FumeFx or is there any other way to make it work.

    The process you posted is a work around, which works great. But has it been updated with the release of newer versions of RealFlow

    1. Hi,

      As far as I know, Stoke Mx2 can import f3d files into 3dsmax. It can be used with krakatoa and Fumefx too. In RealFlow 2014, the mist will have the possibility to export to vdb too.

      luisM. πŸ˜‰

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