Tutorial: How to create a blending material for fluids with Maxwell.

Hi everyone!

When we have simulate a scene with several fluids, maybe we want to create a mesh with them and applying different materials to create a blending fluid.  We have the possibility to do the mesh in RealFlow or rendering with Renderkit from our 3DPlatform. In addition, if we add Maxwell to render the blending fluid, the result will be amazing. Here there is a basic tutorial about how to create a blending material with Maxwell and 3DstudioMax. For Maya or any platform is the same, just the channel info you’ll see in the video could be different.

Download the black and white ramp.





  1. Hi Luis,

    Does Object splash not match the realwave surface when using statistical spectrum? is there a way to fix this or should I used other realwave modifiers if I want splash’s that match up to the realwave surface?

    Also it was nice to meet you yesterday over skype at Mr.X.


    1. Hey Eric,

      Nice to meet you too ;).

      In this case you’ll need to use the “Crest Splash” plugin for the RealWave. In addition, the “Object splash” has some parameters as “On Surface” (for the RW Particle Interaction tab) to indicate what you want to do with the particles when they are touching the surface, destroy them or place them on the surface.

      I hope it helps.


  2. I think I just found out that if I take my choppiness all the way down to 0.0 then run my object splash sim it works and then I can cache the object splash then re-sim my realwave with the choppiness back on, I can get it to match up pretty good. Cant wait to see more of your posts.


  3. The realwave particle layer is able to export .pd files but I am not sure how to load them into a 3d package like Maya or Houdini? I’m am trying to get attributes like vorticity of my realwave into a 3d package. If you ave any ideas I would really appreciate it.


  4. Hello, Mr LuisMiguel, i enjoy your tutorials so very much and trust me when i say that i owe you like a lot :p um, i just wanted to ask if you are familiar with the Krakatoa/Frost blending process, it’s so accurate and it’s real blending like blue + red = purple , if you are please make a tutorial sir, it’s 2014 and there is no, full tutorial about how to do this kind of blending, yet . Here is an example for you :

    1. Hi MehdiBali,

      Thank you for your words. 😉

      I know about Krakatoa and Frost, so I’ll check out if there is some tutorial I can do and it is related to RealFlow 😉


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