Tips and Tricks: Loading animated Multibodies and Cache scripts

Hi all,

I want to share a couple of batch scripts so that the workflow with realflow is simpler.

The first script is like a post I put month ago about to load animated multibodies. Now it will be easier with this script. You must paste the path where the animated sd is. If there are several sd files, will load all of them. REMEMBER we can’t use the animated multibodies for using with dynamics due to the infinite forces, but only with fluids. Click here to download the script.

Another script is to load the cache even if you don’t have any cache saved for your objects in the scene. Sometimes we want to load the cache till a frame, but with ALT + U we need an cached object with, at least, more or the same number of frames simulated. With this script is not necessary to use ALT + U, only put the frame where you want to go and if you want to keep the original range you had in your scene. Easy. Click here to download this script




    1. Hey Serge,

      I advice you to use Alembic format if you want to import multibodies with animation. The script is not necessary for RF 2013 anymore.


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