Tips and Tricks: How to make a HOLD for meshes in Maya

Hi all!

If you are attempting to do a HOLD for your meshes from Maya plugin for RealFlow or Maxwell (in this case importing renderkit meshes for Maxwell), you’ll see you won’t be able to do it by clicking a checkbox or option. There is a mel script to help you to do the HOLD for your meshes.

For Maxwell you can use an expression on the Time attribute and it as follows.

First, right click on Time and we’ll Break Connection.

Next, we’ll create a new Expression clicking on Time again with right button.

Add the expression " maxwellBINMeshLoader1.time = (frame < 10) ? 10 : (frame > 20) ? 20 : frame " , where 10 and 20 are the frame you want to HOLD.

For RealFlow meshes we’ll need to do it from script, where 10 and 20 are the frames you want to HOLD as well.

expression -s "realflowMeshSource1.time = (frame < 10) ? 10 : (frame > 20) ? 20 : frame"  -o realflowMeshSource1 -ae 1 -uc all




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