News: Maxwell 2.7 is out!!!

A new version of Maxwell is out!.

There are  good news for this new version as the “Grass Generator”, the files are now 4x smaller and there is a new 3d vectorial RealFlow Displacement to apply for meshes generated with Realflow and displacement maps, or the new blend material for fluids from RealFlow.


~ by luismma on June 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “News: Maxwell 2.7 is out!!!”

  1. Luis , Maxwell grass excels and the capaticty to export MXMs.
    It worked Great for max 2012 but I think is still kind of beta in 2013.
    Maxwell Fire doesn’t work and active Shader keeps stucking back to
    Default scanline Render.How something like this was unnoticed.
    The Mxm are nice Point Clouds in 2012 , making it easier to work with and primitive cube in max 2013, making really hard , near impossible
    to merge it in an existing Max/Maxwell scene.
    But I’ve made a vídeo and I am sending the You Tube link bellow, so see for yourself, please.I am really intrigued.
    Am I doing anything wrong ?Why manuals don’t cover it ?
    You Tube link :


    Luiz Eduardo Mihich

    • Hi Luiz,

      Thank you for sharing the video. Yes, we know there are some bugs in the maxwell plugin and we are already fixing them. About the maxwell fire in 3dsmax 2013, you’ll need to put the render “Active Shade mode” from the arrow render button and then activating the MaxwellRender for ActiveShade into Assign Renderer.

      luisM. ;)

  2. Thank you Luis ,but I didn’t understand about Maxwell fire , didn’t work for me ,as you’ll see in this vídeo.Arrow render means in the viewport window?
    Can’t see the option Production/Active shade in the assign render ,
    also and I am still stuck with scanline.
    Again, I am maybe doing something wrong.
    You can verify my experience so far in this You tube link:

  3. Of course Luis.
    How could i miss it ?Now it works>thank you.

  4. Hello Luis,
    So I am using Realflow 2013 with Max 2014 and Maxwell Render 2.72, I do realize that renders will take long, but I have a scene that has 66 millions particles for the foam, It takes a long time to render the first pass for the foam only,beyond 60 minutes for first pass. Is that normal? I do not have any special shaders applied just basic maxwell gray. The water is a mesh which render fast alone, then I import particle bins through maxwell plugin and apply basic texture then try to render particle alone and it takes forever. It never took this long with realflow 2012 foam particles. Is there something new I need to know about to optimize render times? Thanks in Advance.

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