News: RealFlow 2013 is coming! RF Graphs

Hi everyone!

RealFlow 2013 will have a node interface!. The RealFlow nodal system will allow us more flexibility to make Global and Exclusive links, and the “Simulation Graph” will be like if you are programming visually with nodes, giving us the oportunity to create any fluid effect we can imagine in an very easy way. You can see a couple of images below.

RealFlow Links Nodal System

RealFlow Simulation Graph

If you want further information please, visit RealFlow Support Centre.




  1. I really hope RF maintains its ease of use and provides a hybrid interface. Nodes for everybody who wants them(I guess most hardcore users do) and vieport-based editing/setup for rapid prototyping etc. Else it may go the same path as Naiad…Nodes ONLY –> no ease of use and many klicks/nodes for very simple stuff PLUS the forcing need of continuous back/forth between 3D App and Naiad. Currently…..

    looking forward to more.

    1. Hi šŸ˜‰

      I think they will be very intuitive and very easy to use. Most important is they keep the facility to create setups but in a very faster way. So, if you take several minutes to create the connections between nodes, the nodes system will reduce a lot of that time.


  2. Will see. Still looking forward to it. Maybe we meet at FMX, curious what people get to see from RF then.

    1. Hey Dreamie,

      I don’t know that yet but I can say, that handling graphs is easier than the actual system. ;). When I can, I’ll do a video so you can see the workflow. It is very fast to make the setup for any scene.


      1. Yes I’m sure its gonna be awesome. The snapshot you put is already self explanatory. Just wondering if its an entire new UI then it probably won’t have backwards compatibility..

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