News: Renderkit 2.5 and new RealFlow’s BRAND NEW Support Centre released

Hi all!

Renderkit 2.5 has been released for all 3D platforms, they are Maya, Houdini, 3Dsmax, Cinema and Softimage, and it has a very good new features to work in your main 3D platform. The first great news is we finally have RenderKit for Cinema 4D . It works in the same way that the other plugins do. The other great news is we can render meshes with any render engine you want for Cinema 4D and 3DStudio Max. You can check the videos below to take a look at Renderkit 2.5, working with 3dsMax and Cinema.

Renderkit 2.5 for Cinema 4D

Renderkit 2.5 for 3DSMax

In addition, a new RealFlow’s BRAND NEW Support Centre is now available. Check it out if you wanna consult documentation, manuals, tutorials for any RealFlow or Maxwell issue.




  1. Luis ~
    Hello! The tutorial on your blog is very helpful. I have imported a particle .bin sequence to a RFRK mesher object in my Cinema4d R12. I can see the particles play great. When I turn off “particle cloud” and show “mesh” the particle cloud disappears, but the mesh never shows up. It just beach balls and C4D becomes completely unresponsive and I have to force quite. Is there something I’m missing to be able to see and render the mesh like in your tutorial. I’m so close I just need a little more help !


    1. Hi,

      If you try to make the render it is not rendered?. If the particles are there, in the viewport, when loading them, the mesh should be visible in the viewport as well. Let me know.


  2. Great, especially we can render fluid with any renderer.
    By the way,can not render HYBRIDO-GDC yet?
    Will it become possible in the future?

  3. Hola Luis.
    Me pasa una cosa curiosa, cuando le pico a show mesh, Cinema se queda pensando y se cierra, me he descargado la última actualización de RenderKit y sigue pasando lo mismo.
    Sabes que puede pasar?

    1. Hola Miguel,

      Has instalado la licencia de Renderkit? Necesitas una licencia de renderkit para visualizar las mallas en el viewport.

      Have you installed the renderkit license? You’ll need the renderkit license to display the meshes in the viewport

      luisM. 😉

  4. Thanks luisM,
    I can use exporter to Bin file format.
    But it is slow or need extra huge strage space.
    I hope to render GDC directly with renderkit in the future.

  5. hey, Luis!
    thanks for your short intro! I have tried this feature in RFRK2.5, but looks like it is not working 😦 I’ve tried a different kind of shaders (standart and A’n’Design), also I’ve tried to render in scanline and MRay (3DS2012x64).. Tried to mix the shaders by Blend and by Composite (with the same steps as yours), but always no valid result. All is fine on a still images, but animation sequences not renders properly.
    You can see my test there: (viewport grab (it is a mesh) – ok, composite shader rendering – fail). I just can’t understand what is wrong with this setup.. Any ideas?

    1. Hey!,

      Have you tried to render a renderkit mesh made from realflow or by using the particles? Renderkit meshes don’t have weights to apply a blend material for now, when they are generated in RealFlow, only the standard meshes. But if you are meshing the particles with renderkit from Maya or 3dsmax, you should be able to do it without problems. If you are trying to render particles as I can see in the video, there will be something which is not activated. Do you have the 3dsmax scene to share and take a look?


      1. I have tried to rebuild the scene with new simulation, but anyway nothing works here.. did you tried to render your scene as animation?

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