Scripting: Importing Cameras into RealFlow.

Hi all,

First all is to thank to Mike Donovan for sharing this. He made a script to fix a problem in RealFlow when importing cameras from 3D platforms like Softimage. Problem is that the camera is coming in with vertical FOV instead of horizontal that was set in softimage, which  is indicating a big problem if you try to get a close result for your shots in RealFlow and your 3D platform by using cameras. This script gets the selected camera and changing the vertical FOV to horizontal again to set it as the 3D original scene.

The script can be downloaded from here

Thank Mike!




  1. Hi,

    Do you know why, when i run the script realflow return : WARNING: Script error: Bad number/type/range of arguments at function “Scene::message”.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Have you change anything in the script? Take a look at the end of the script because sometimes an empty space is added there and it is the cause which the script can’t be working. Anyway, could you paste the number of line which is causing the error?


  2. I get the same error issue Anthony is having. The line number on my script that gives the error is: Ln 34

    I changed the name of mycam to the camera name in my scene.

    1. Hi,

      It is cause some download manager add or remove spaces in the text files, even though they are compressed. Maybe you’ll need to add tabs to format the script so it can work.


  3. I’m having the same error. Is this script suppose to actually change the FOV or return a value to be sub’d in?

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