News: New Maxwell Render Suite patch including Maxwell + Renderkit 2

As you know, a new Maxwell Render Suite patch: 2.6.10 has been released. Now we can render a lot of particles generated in RealFlow with maxwell render and renderkit 2 with no required license because it is free in very few time, with a great look. Just download the plugins and render with Maxwell the particles, meshes, etc. Now, the plugins include the renderkit 2 for Maxwell in Maya, Houdini, 3dsmax, Cinema, Softimage. Below you have some examples using Maya and 3dsmax.

Important: It is necessary to install the Maxwell patch 2.6.10 to work in a correct way with the new plugins and renderkit2.



Some renders examples




  1. Hi Luis, I have RealFlow 2012 Learning Edition and Maxwell Render 2.6.10 and the newest Maxwell Render Maya Plugin. Does it mean I do not need to buy RealFlow Render Kit?

    1. Yes, it does. You can render your scenes with renderkit by using Maxwell for them. When loading the new Maxwell plugin, you’ll see new buttos as mesher and particler. 😉


  2. Fabulous.But i didn’t get it to work yet, Luis.
    I already have Maxwell 2.6.10 and used Max 2012 plugin 64 bits,
    However the mesher and particler plugin in Maxwell could only
    import the particles and mesh, it doesn’t accept any Maxwell material
    and render blank.I must be doing something wrong , looked so easy in the

    1. Mmnnn. Weird.

      Simply select the RF node which appears in the 3dsmax viewport and applying the material it should be render with that material.

      Can you show me a video? Thanks


  3. Luis.
    A new version of 3ds Max plugin was released.
    therefore …
    I was able to assign materials to my imported .bin files.
    but instead of importing meshes with Mesh Loader I’ve used Maxwell
    bin mesher , and it is fine now., However for any reason whem I import
    particles with bin particles object , I can render with Maxwell fire,
    assign materials etc…but Maxwell render main won’t render it.
    I imported partticles with mesher and that worked too.
    Someone else above has the same problem with Maxwell bin Particler.
    Is there any tutorial covering the functionality of Maxwell
    Renderkit ? I know it is simple but there are details , I am sure, and
    no step by step tuts around even in You Tube.

    1. Hi Luiz,

      could you check what version of the plugin for 3dsmax you have?. You can see it from Customize>Preferences>Maxwell tab. Let me know


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