News : RealFlow 2013 is coming!

Finally I was allowed to share with you some simulations that I did with the new HYBRIDO solver, to be released within RealFlow 2013. This solver has been created from scratch in order to replace the current one. In the videos you can see that is a pretty fast solver and gives a natural and realistic fluid simulations.

For those of you interested, the new solver is an implicit solver, as opposite to the current one which is an explicit solver. Implicit solver means that just only a few simulation steps per frame are needed, and this means, of course, faster simulations. It means also that “bounciness” is totally removed. The current solver needs many many simulation steps if you want to remove “bounciness”, and even doing it you can’t remove it completely.

We are very excited about this new technology and we strongly believe that this solver will make a huge difference when working with HYBRIDO.

I hope you like it.

Car Skidding. HYBRIDO 2

Massive Fluid. HYBRIDO 2

Dancer. HYBRIDO 2





  1. Nice to see new stuff in realflow ! But is there gonna be new interface i mean nodal interface ? what about secondary element and with those huge particle count is integration with prman and arnold are planned ?

  2. very nice !
    can you say something more about Realflow 2013?

    when is the release date planned for RF 2013?

    Is Realflow 2013 fully multithreaded?
    ( including meshing )

    can you show us a few videos with meshing in RF 2013?
    would be nice

    thannk you, great job!!

  3. That’s really nice.

    On the Dancer video, is that a Poser Figure?
    What Scale setting is used? For me, I need to scale up to at least 8x before the fluid will interact with the Poser figure mesh correctly.

  4. It is a great simulation software, also very expensive 😦
    could you please tell us, when it is releasing ?
    Thanks for nice videos ! 😉

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