Tips and tricks: Importing objects from a XML file

Hi everyone,

When creating  and opening a scene, we find issues to import the objects if they are not in the “objects” folder. A box dialog will open and ask us where are the objects.  It is tedious if we have a lot of objects to import. So, in order to import them in just one time, we can use the XML files and the $(XMLPATH) command in this way.

Where “C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/” will be replaced with

Putting the $(XMLPATH) and checking the “Apply to all files…” will import the all external sd files where the XML file is placed and subfolders. It means if you have saved the xml file in “c:\temp\scene.xml” if you import the xml from this path, putting $(XMLPATH) command will check all objects in “C:\temp” and subfolders.




  1. Can this also work with $(IDOC) for wetmaps? I have multiple emitters colliding with 1 object and I would like to generate individual wetmaps. I tried changing the output path to images/$(IDOC) but it did not work. Is there another way to do it?

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