Maxwell hair rendered in 3DSMax.

Hi all,

with the new release of MaxwellRender 2.6 I made a simple squirrel scene to render with the new hair support.

MaxwellRender in 3DSMax 2012.  Full HD image. 45 minutes of render in a I7 with 8 cores and 12GB of RAM. I’ll make a tutorial to see how it is working and how the  renderkit is include into the 3dsmax plugin for Maxwell.




  1. Cool new feature !

    I’m really looking forward your tutorial explaining how to use the renderkit with the 3ds max pluging for Maxwell. I have to say that I tried to render a hybrido grid mesh with the maxwell pluging for 3ds Max and it didn’t work… the mesh doest render and with the active shade it’s say that the meshes as triangle with no material.

    Also I tried to use the RFRK object to render splash particles. It did work but i don’t see any parameters to control particle radius and so like with the mental ray RFRK.

    I’m sure that i’m missing something to get everything right.

    Anyway really cool blog…

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